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Dr. Serdar Turkeli
We witness a proliferation of various economy visions and practices from A to Z (e.g. access economy, bio-economy, blue economy, circular economy, collaborative, digital economy,…, sharing economy, social economy , youth economy, zero-waste economy…). All of these “X-economies” are scientifically studied and proposed as fixes to various flaws of the current economic model with respect to resilience, sustainability, responsibility parameters. Yet we have limited knowledge (of the big picture with fine grained details) on how these various economies evolve and interact with each other in different contexts (e.g. in the EU and in Emerging Markets, other major world regions such as Latin America,  Sub-Saharan Africa).
This research line and projects under it concentrate on the science of science (SciSci) of X-economies, and on the actors of science with and for society (Swafs). It intends to reveal a) multi-level (niche, regime, landscape) knowledge dynamics of X-economies, b) interactions among X-economies, c) associated knowledge and development actors, d) interaction patterns with respect to environmentally and socially relevant outputs and outcomes that help us progress towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Project #1 – 2020/2021
X-Economies: Pathways towards a more resilient and sustainable world
Presence, Interactions and Impact of Six Selected X-Economies within Latin America and Europe
Léa Cenci, Elodie Demanet, Gabriela Lopez , Raphaela De Dominicis, Daniel Müller, Iris Bleisteiner
X-Economies: Blue Economy ,  Circular Economy ,  Collaborative Economy,  Data-Driven Digital Economy ,  Feminist Economy , Social Economy
Data: Web of Science Core Collection, Thomson Reuters
Geo Focus: Worldwide, EU and Emerging Markets
Implementation Focus: Europe, Latin America
Methodologies: Quantitative text analysis, factor analysis, index formation, fs/QCA, econometrics
Case Analysis: Selected Interaction products and services between X-Economies
Creative Output: X economies Tableu Public
Policy Output: Policy Report | XEI-Index 
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