2OC H2020 Proposal is submitted with 57 partners from all over Europe. Organising Climate Neutral Cities Conference Series, starting 14th of April!
Policy in Emerging Markets project "X Economy Index" which quantifies economy visions (e.g. circular economy, digital economy...), practices and interactions between is being published by Springer!
RESEARCH - EDUCATION: Policy in Emerging Markets (EBP 4004)
Policy Report: Factors Affecting Circular Business Practices in the EU and China
RESEARCH - Maastricht Research Based Learning Project (UGR 3001)
Navigating Maastricht's Sustainability Actors Network: A Social Network Analysis on the Role of University in Achieving the SDGs
RESEARCH - LitoScope v2.0
An accelerator for structured entry to any literature of interest, by Dr. Serdar Türkeli
UM Sustainability Minor starts by academic year 2021/22. The Lab joins UM Sustainability Minor with the course "Project Sustainability"
Circular Economy Thesis Library is now online!
EDUCATION - Guest Lecture by Martine Schophuizen, PhDc.
Open Online Education: An Ongoing Challenging Journey with Global Opportunities
EDUCATION - Guest Lecture by Dr. Pim den Hertog
Reflections on Dutch STI Policies
EDUCATION - Guest Lecture by Alex Baker-Shelly, PhDc.
Change the System from Within: Intrinsic Competencies for Transformation towards Sustainability
EDUCATION - Guest Lecture by Dr. Salih Çevikarslan
Economic Policy Making with Agent-Based Modeling
Sustain + GO Open Educational Resources 2019 in collaboration with UNU-MERIT; UM; UM Green Office; ICIS; Open Universiteit; Mondiaal Maastricht and Gedeelde Weelde.
OUTREACH - Student - Policy Maker Forum 2019
Dr. Serdar Türkeli attended Maastricht Brussels campus for Circular Economy (Food waste) and Digital Economy (e-Governance) Student – Policy maker policy proposal forum as visiting expert.
OUTREACH - Make the SDGs Yours!
Dr. Serdar Türkeli attended a special highlight event as panelist organised by ImpactLab, The InnBetween, NovUM Maastricht, Rhetorica Debating Society and the Green Office
OUTREACH - Climathon Brussels
Dr. Serdar Türkeli attended the first ever Climathon in Brussels, organized by Climate-KIC and InnoEnergy on 28th October 2017, as jury member.

The Lab

Coordinator: Dr. Serdar Türkeli
The Lab @ UNU-MERIT focuses on explorations and experiments in innovation policy research, education & training,  knowledge transfer and outreach.
All activities follow an academic excellence, policy relevance and a societal, multi-actor, multiple-value creation and delivery, in short, an impact perspective:
A socio-technical perspective which significantly concentrates on complexity, governance, sustainability issues and solutions.

The Lab @ UNU-MERIT:

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