The City

The City is a research, training and outreach platform for the state of art city research in line with SDG 11 Sustainable cities and communities. It globally scans what’s measurable at city level and integrates. As additional data and indicator aggregator, the City provides a monitoring, evaluation and assessment tool for every city around the world.

Portfolio of Indicators [December, 2020]

38 Datasets and 1317 Indicators [December, 2020]

2019 Global Top 500 Cities
2019 Savills Tech Cities Index
2050 Climate Change City Index
Blue City Index
Cambridge global urban risk index
China green low-carbon city index
China Sustainable Cities Index
China Urban Sustainability Index
City Resilience Index
City Wellbeing Index
Digital City Index
European Digital City Index
Global 150 Cities Index
Global Bicycle Cities Index
Global Cities Index
Global Destination Cities Index
Global Liveability Index
Global Power City Index
Global Real Estate Transparency Index
Global Residential Cities Index
Happy City Index
Healthy Cities Index
IESE Cities in Motion Index
Innovation Cities Index
Intercultural City Index
Kauffman Index
Knowledge City Index
Networked Society City Index
Open Cities Index
PwC Cities of Opportunity
Safe Cities Index
Smart City Index
Smart City Strategy Index
Sustainable City Index
The European Cities SDG Index
The Youthful Cities Index
Urban Work Life Index


Master of Science Thesis in this research line:

Vopálecká, Michaela

Paliukėnaitė, Aira

Joke Dufourmont