Outreach Timeline

Main events:

16 November 2020 – Dr. Serdar Türkeli provided a guest lecture at the Money and the Law, Classroom Talks at Free University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium (Virtual Correspondence)

4-5 November 2020 – Dr. Serdar Türkeli chaired the 9th Workshop on EU-China Relations in Global Politics ‘EU-Asia Relations & The Race for Global Resource Leadership’  Circular Economy Workshop  Burwood Corporate Centre, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia (Virtual Correspondence)

29 September 2020 – Prof. Dr. Shyama Ramani and Maria Tomai attended Act for Global Goals event Inspiration Session. SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals (Virtual Correspondence)

1 April 2020 – Dr. Serdar Türkeli set the scene for European Social Network SDG Working Group Meeting, ESN’s SDGs WG 2020 Meeting_Delegate Pack (1)

29 March 2020 – Dr. Serdar Türkeli ,  judge @ Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration – University of Virginia Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy (NASPAA-Batten) Simulation Competition 2020 on Sustainable Cities and Tranport: https://nbsims.org/ | https://lnkd.in/di3mFsZ

13 February 2020 – Dr. Serdar Türkeli @ Sustainable Business and Circular Economy Panel at SBE and MaastrichtMBA Sustainability Week UM

3 December 2019 – Prof. Dr. René Kemp attended Circulaire Economie Event in Maastricht, De Ruimte.

25 September 2019 – Dr. Serdar Türkeli @ Act for Global Goals Maastricht  Info: Workshops

15 June  2019 – Dr. Serdar Türkeli @ Precious Plastic Maastricht’s local sustainability festival for a co-workshop “Make Sustainability Yours!” with SITE4Society @ UNU-MERIT to consolidate “Sustainability Guidelines for living and studying in Maastricht”

1 May 2019 – Dr. Serdar Türkeli @ Making Sense of Sustainability, A Panel Green Office , UM

26 April 2019 – Dr. Serdar Türkeli , expert @ Student Forum 2019 Maastricht, Brussels campus for Circular Economy (Food waste) and Digital Economy (e-Governance) Student – Policy maker forum  SFM 2019

15 February 2019 – Dr. Serdar Türkeli @ The Climate Reality Project Europe – Whose responsibility is it anyway? Climate Change VU Amsterdam Panel

17 January 2019 – Prof. Dr. René Kemp attended Science, Innovation, Technology, Engagement for Societal Welfare (SITE4Society) Event No:5

17-18 December 2018 – Prof. Dr. René Kemp attended The 2018 Conference on bio-economy and green innovation, Manaus, Brazil.

14 December 2018 – Prof. Dr. René Kemp attended The 2018 International Symposium of Routes towards Sustainability

3 December 2018 – Whose Responsibility is it Anyway? – Debate Café , Studium Generale UM

29 November 29 – Guest Lecture  Dr. Serdar Turkeli’s Guest Lecture at Health Food Innovation Management Master’s Programme, University College Venlo, UM, Venlo, the Netherlands

28 November 2018 – Science, Innovation, Technology, Engagement for Societal Welfare (SITE4Society) Event No:4

3 September 2018 – Opening Academic Year 2018 Symposium Maastricht University, Maastricht, the Netherlands

13 June 2018 –  Science, Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship for Society (SITE4Society) Event No:3

16 May 2018 – Make the SDGs Yours!, Maastricht the Netherlands

9 April 2018 – WML , A presentation by Prof. Kemp

9 February 2018 – Science, Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship for Society (SITE4Society) Event No:2

25 May 2017 – Sustainability Transitions and Innovation Review (STIR), Ankara, Turkey

28 October 2017 – Climathon Brussels , Belgium

1 November 2017 –Science, Innovation, Technology, Engagement for Societal Welfare (SITE4Society) Event No:1